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Collective Manifesto

We are creating a Collective Manifesto that will be published as part of an annual social practice art conference Assembly, organized in Portland, Oregon, USA. We invite you all to participate.


Given the context of personal or political responses to the pandemic, complete the following sentence with something new that you plan to do that will contribute in any way to helping the climate change crisis. (Limit responses to a sentence, include your name if you would like to be credited. You can also find out more about the systemic sources of greenhouses gases, effective individual actions, and why we should focus on institutional forces)


As lockdowns ease, I will…

Spend time off exploring where I live as opposed to flying somewhere that feels different.

Continue to find ways to connect to audiences that are meaningful, personal, and impactful without traveling on planes for months every year.

I commit to always having a reusable tote, trying to remember to carry around reusable utensils and straws and using my own cup when ordering my daily coffee.

Learn food preservation traditions from my Grandma and build her a home garden.

Repeatedly question and reassess the everyday norms, habits, and paradigms of profit-driven society.

Try to convince 5 people a month to reduce their meat intake

Oppose with my vote and voice any business, industrial, or political initiative that does not include some awareness to reduce carbon emissions

Close any of my credit cards that have ties to the fossil fuel industry (i.e. divest)

I will continue to understand and promote the concept of civic intelligence, an active collective capacity, in which people everywhere can participate in research and action that incorporates creativity, reason, fairness, and compassion towards social and environmental goals.

I will strive to develop and participate in actions that promote beneficial environmental and social goals simultaneously.

Realizing that we live within complex natural and artificial ecosystems I will try to better understand the links between local actions and global effects and to help minimize current and future negative effects on economically depressed and otherwise marginalized communities as we move forward working to fight for climate and social justice.

I will do my part to help create and maintain global networks in which people can share knowledge and cooperate effectively in ways that leverage our collective efforts.

Be more politically active in my local government to encourage small scale changes in my community that make big differences for the environment and the people.

Encourage my employer (a large audit and consulting firm) to work with clients remotely by default and only fly to client sites as a last resort

Build new ecologies centered around local farms and makers, which encourage bartering and discourage hoarding

Be mindful when shopping to purchase products that have little to no packaging material

Plant drought tolerant and native plant species to save water, as I live in an area with low rainfall

Support environmental justice and indigenous organizing efforts to shrink the fossil fuel industry

Cancel my Amazon Prime account and attempt to shop exclusively in my local stores or direct from suppliers when necessary

Support national legislation to put a price on carbon

Drive less and spend more time appreciating walking and biking as transport

Catalogue all the plastic bags in my home, give them names (maybe), and use them for the rest of my life

Power my home with only renewable energy sources


Addee Kim, David Jimison, Devon Midori Hale, Doug Schuler, Eric John Olson, Evelyn Frances, Evelina Miropolsky, Jessica Olson, Kim Sutherland, Paul Hlava Ceballos, Peter Stellar, Salty Xi Jie Ng, Sola Yoon, Sue K, Zeph Fishlyn, and others.



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