Evidence of greater possibilities in the development of a greener reality

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Here at @livingschoolart, my neighbors and I share something in common: a love for gardening. This common interest has been central to our collaborative work for nearly 4 years. We live in a large affordable housing building, so we have to make this obsession fit into the architecture of our space. Many people in our community are immigrants or refugees, or people with disabilities, or elderly people, or people from working-class backgrounds, and I’ve always seen our gardens as a symbol of resilience.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that many people in the world are suddenly interested in gardening, or at least significantly stepping up their gardening game. I think that’s really amazing. It makes me wonder, ‘What if everyone in the world, in some small way, kept a garden?’ It could be as simple as a dish with succulents. A garden is nourishment. A garden is medicine. A garden sinks carbon. A garden is a place for attention and care. If keeping a garden were as common as owning a cell phone, how would the world change?”
From @amandaleighevans
#greennewreal #climatechange

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