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Things I don’t Want to Forget (so far) when This Changes to Something Else by Ethan Seltzer

Things I don’t Want to Forget (so far) when This Changes to Something Else:

  • The feeling of having as much time as I need.
  • The joy of being with other people.
  • The joy of making music with other people.
  • The clarity of the air, and its feel on me and in me.
  • The intensity of sunlight at all times of day, and the luminosity of what it hits.
  • The quiet at night, really the quiet all the time.
  • Our ability to hear more than we know.
  • The sound of the birds, so much so that even in the middle of the night, it’s like a
    “phantom ring”.
  • The lack of litter that I used to pick up because of the fast-food joints up the road from
    the natural area I help out with.
  • Kids roaming the neighborhood on bikes like I used to.
  • How delicious food we make can taste.
  • Dreaming about things, and then living through those same dreams.
  • Families moving around the neighborhood in packs.
  • Talking on the phone and face-timing more than in the past two decades.
  • Finding work-arounds for lots of stuff.
  • Finding no alternatives for some things.
  • Wondering what “stay safe” is supposed to mean.


Ethan Seltzer lives in Portland, Oregon, and is an Emeritus Professor at Portland State University.

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